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About Curtis Wrecker

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Curtis Garage & Wrecker Service was started in 1968 by Emezire (Bud) and Wilma Curtis to assist travelers and law enforcement with towing and repair needs as Interstate 70 was being built to the west of Indianapolis. They worked diligently to assist people locally and those traveling along the new interstate for many years. Grandson, Gordon Curtis was very interested in the business and followed in his grandfather’s footsteps as soon as he was of age. He worked with the company several years all the while wanting to do bigger and better things for the company.

In 1990 he purchased the company from his grandparents and immediately started working on making the company larger and purchasing newer and bigger equipment. Hiring more people and purchasing additional and more updated equipment happened not long afterward. The company that started with less than a handful of employees and just a few tow trucks now employees approximately 15 people and has a large fleet of equipment.

Great Towing and Road Service to Central Indiana

The company has always done business on the premise of giving quality service as efficiently as possible to all customers. Curtis Garage & Wrecker has always desired to be a valuable asset to the local people in the community and elsewhere. Much pride is taken in making all of our customers feel welcome and appreciated, treating all of our customers the way we would want to be treated.

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